Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring for Safety and Environment (DLA PIPER)

Pipeline in the desert

The monitoring methods most widely used for natural gas transmission pipelines include foot patrols along the pipeline route and aerial surveillance using small plans or helicopters. Environmental monitoring of the pipelines involves the assessment of conditions of vegetation along and across the pipeline; assessment of environmental disturbance during construction and operational phases; detection and monitoring of spills; and impacts from pipelines and facilities; determination of slope stability; identification and location of land-use change including agricultural, forest, industrial and residential; evaluation of recovery and rehabilitation from accidental spills and decommissions; detection of human encroachments.

Satellite EO supports a wide range of disaster types, including the very long-term monitoring of climate phenomena. Within the framework of the pipeline monitoring use case, enviroLENS will evaluate how EO services can be applied to monitor and detect disturbances to the pipeline network by accidental spills, encroachment from human activities, and land form changes due to fires, floods, and other natural events that fall under the Force Majeure clause.

The stakeholders of this case include companies that trade with the oil or gas which is being transported or any pipeline operator companies, as well as people, communities and organizations that are affected by a potential pipeline disturbance or pipeline leak. Further, NGOs and other interested groups as well as government agencies (as the government has the obligation to prevent large-scale natural disasters) are also considered stakeholders.

This case will focus on:

  • The gathering of relevant information on the state of a pipeline, the surrounding areas and any unusual activity that may cause a disturbance;
  • Compliance with environmental and social impact requirements; and
  • Pipeline accidents and the destruction of the environment and/or the endangering of lives and ecosystems.

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