Supporting Environmental Law Enforcement with Earth Observation

Monitoring the environment to support its protection is the main “raison d’etre” of the European Commission Copernicus satellite programme. At present, satellite-derived information is not used on a regular basis as primary evidence in environmental law enforcement. This is mostly due to the fact that satellite-derived information has almost exclusively been technology-led and is quite new to the legal sector. Consequently, there is limited awareness among the legal sector about the range of applicable satellite-derived information solutions, their access and affordability for evidence gathering on environmental violations.

Our Aims

enviroLENS bridges the gap for the utilization of the European Satellite capacities provided by Copernicus for environmental law enforcement and related cross-cutting sectors. The project is responding to the demands of the jurisdictional sector for ready-to-access evidence and scenario information on environmental situations.

The main aim of the project is to deliver Earth observation-based services providing evidences on environmental incidences and legal violations in order to support the evidence data gathering process and to foster data-driven decision-making.



enviroLENS seeks to deliver three types of innovations:


Earth Observation and semantic data mining technologies are merged to provide a joint environmental legislation discovery system.


The eLENS Portal will deliver a cross-domain solution, embracing Earth Observation-based services and transforming them by enrichment with new legal added value.


The enviroLENS open value chain strategy is allowing anybody to contribute and receive a multitude of benefits in return.

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